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Piecemeal Quilters Bee Challenges from the past

15 February, 2017

Our bee, the Piecemeal Quilters, takes on a challenge every now and then.  I thought it would be fun to look back at some of our previous challenges!

For the 2017 challenge, check that blog post here.

2016 Challenge photos can be found here.


In 2015, we really stretched each other with the challenge of self portrait blocks.  All techniques were represented, and the results ranged from symbolic to realistic renderings of ourselves.

From the top:  Lori Rice, Shirley Hendrix (state flag of Ohio), Tina Schwager, Kelly Hutchens, Sandy Fitzpatrick, Julianne Walther, Carol Franks, and Ann Young.

Julianne created her portrait in 8 different color ways, so each bee member got to choose their color.  Many bee members made different versions of the same block to share.


In 2014, we drew names and created bags for each other.  Tote bags, iPad bags, makeup bags, small and large purses were created!



In 2013, we drew names for each other and created a pillow.  Some were very elaborate!



We challenged each other to create our own "Inner Animal" in a 12" square or less project.

From the top:  Shirley Hendrix, Carol Franks, Julianne Walther, Sandy Fitzpatrick, Tina Schwager, Lori Rice

I'm still working on gathering photos from earlier years.  We have swapped blocks, rows, fabric, and more.  I hope this gives you and your bee some good ideas for keeping your creative juices flowing!


Julianne's Bee Retreat Projects, 2017

15 February, 2017

My bee, the Piecemeal Quilters, enjoyed our 14th annual bee retreat last weekend.  For the fifth year in a row, we stayed at the Ponderosa Quilt Retreat in Waynesville, NC.  It's owned by Kim Polson, the shop's Moda Fabrics representative, and is filled with tools, rulers, ironing boards and irons, cutting stations, and individual work stations. Kim makes it very easy to grab your machine and a handful of projects and hit the road!

Most years, the members of my bee choose a challenge, where we hope to stretch our creativity or skill set. This year's challenge was to create something that had to do with each person's "number" in the bee.  While we have had a total of 11 members over the years, three have moved on, so we are "full" with 8.  Here are the projects and a bit about their meaning:

#1:  Sandy Fitzpatrick

Sandy started our bee, so she got number 1.  Appropriately, she created a queen bee quilt!  All of the members' names are stitched into the quilting. 



#2: Carol Franks

Caro, created a two-sided quilt full of twos!  The back side of her quilt is made of little UFO blocks from another project.



#3: Kelly Hutchens

Kelly's work in progress contains lots of three sided blocks, many with three pieces. Blues are not usual for her, and she is working to tell a story about her place in the bee through color.


#4: Ann Young

Ann's work in progress has lots of "four" symbolism.  In the background fabric, Ann has highlighted our area quilt shops.


#5: Julianne Walther

Julianne worked with an offset pentagon shape.  After creating about 60 English Paper Pieced shapes, she improvised and experimented with them until she created a bowl shape.


#6: Lori Rice

Lori used English Paper Pieced hexagons to tell a story about each bee member.  This work in progress is nearly done!


#7: Shirley Hendrix

Shirley created a small quilt full of sevens!


#8: Tina Schwager

Tina created flying geese to represent each bee member in their favorite colors.


We had a fantastic time (though we missed Tina this year), and we are already looking forward to our 2018 bee retreat next February!

To see some of our previous challenges, click here!

Julianne's Annual Bee's Challenge, 2016

12 April, 2016

I am a 13+ year member of the Piecemeal Quilters Bee.  For the past several years, we have issued annual challenges to each other.  In the past, we've made rows for each other, self portraits in fabric, bags, pillows, and all kinds of blocks.  This year, it was geese.  Gaggles and gaggles of geese!

Each of the 8 bee members created 8 geese for each other member. The flying geese blocks were all to be 2" x 4" finished, and the recipients could specify color requests.  The finished (and a couple of unfinished) projects reflect the variation of quilting styles and personalities in our bee, and it's always so much fun to see what each other creates.  

As we were creating our geese for each other, we hinted at each other's progress and sort-of showed our work...without color.

We sent each other lots of photos of "inspiration" quilts, but nothing beats the final projects!  Here goes:

Here's Lori Rice's quilt (my absolute favorite!).  Lori simply asked for "bright geese on a low volume background", and she magically made the colors work!


Here's Carol Frank's Quilt (to be a donation!).  Carol requested specific colors (and sizes) from each bee-mate.  She added quite a few of her own geese!


Here's Tina Schwager's stunner, quilted by her.  She asked for "all scrappy with light or ivory backgrounds".  She also had many more geese to make!


Here's Ann Young's work-in-progress.  She had specific color requests for each bee-mate.


Here's Shirley Hendrix' wall hanging.  She gave us a piece of fabric to use as color inspiration, asking for light or gray backgrounds.


Here is Sandy Fitzpatrick's work-in-progress.  She gave us all paint chips in blues and greens, asking for white and ivory backgrounds, with her living room's decor in mind.


Here is mine - I asked for teals and grays (but lived in a different house when the project began).  I added purple geese to make a small wall hanging.


Kelly Hutchens couldn't make it to the bee retreat this year, as she's busy raising baby goats (and literally trying to keep them out of her hair!).  She aspires to use her geese in this stunner of a pattern called Bird Seed by Tula Pink:


Next year's challenge?  An individual quilt that somehow reflects each quilter's "membership number" in the bee.  I am the 5th member in the bee, so I'm already starting to think about what I will do - I've only got a year to go! Five, five, five!