Longarm Quilting at Cary Quilting Company

New for 2017!  We are introducing Frequent Quilter Cards - receive one with your next quilting order!

After you have five quilts quilted with us this year, you can enjoy 20% off your sixth quilting order.  This card expires 12/31/17, so get stitching!

We proudly provide Longarm Machine Quilting services at Cary Quilting Company.  We would be honored to quilt for you!

What do you offer?

  • We expertly operate two APQS Millenium Quilting Machines (Betty and Wilma), each with her own Intelliquilter Computerized Quilting System to create beautiful, high quality quilting designs on your quilts.
  • We offer edge-to-edge designs in hundreds of patterns. If we don't own the perfect quilting design for you, we will happily add it to our collection for a small fee.
  • Quilting designs are generally priced at $0.02 per square inch. To calculate your quilting cost, multiply your quilt's length in inches by your quilt's width in inches by 0.02. In some cases, the design you choose may be a little more expensive based on quilting density or pattern size, but we won't surprise you! Our minimum quilting cost is $45 per quilt. No payment is due until your quilt is completed.
  • Other Services
    • We offer several types of batting, sold by the inch
    • We offer a large selection of wide backing fabrics
    • Quilt trimming services are available for $0.05 per linear inch
    • Double machine sewn binding is $0.25 per linear inch
    • Machine / hand sewn binding is $0.30 per linear inch
    • Machine sewn binding to one side only is $0.15 per linear inch

Quilt for me, please!

  • First things first! Please read this Preparation Page to make sure your quilt is in perfect quilting shape! Now...
  • You may choose to bring your quilt and meet with Carrie, our quilter.  She is in the shop Tuesdays - Saturdays, 10 - 3:30.  You can make an appointment or surprise us!  The shop's phone number is (919) 238-9739.
  • To place a "drop off" quilting order, click here for your printable form.  Quilts may be dropped off during shop hours.  Carrie will confirm all details with you before beginning.
  • Not local? Mail it to us! Print and complete the Drop Off form, and mail the form and materials to us at the shop. Remember to insure and track your package!  Carrie will confirm all details with you before beginning. To return your quilt to you, we will charge you actual costs for shipping with insurance and tracking via FedEx. Because we care about your quilt, we won't send it back to you without insurance and tracking.
  • Questions?  Call us at the shop or write to us: longarm@caryquilting.com

Samples of our quilting work

Quilting Design:  AM's Turbulence
Longarm Quilting at Cary Quilting Company
"Betty" quilting a smaller quilt
Longarm Quilting at Cary Quilting Company
"Betty" managing a king sized beauty
Quilting Design: Soap Flakes

Quilting Design: Woven Wind
Quilting Design: Swinging on a Star
Quilting Design: Hollyhock
Quilting Design: Diagonal Plaid
Quilting Design: Dazzle
Quilting Design: Zephyr
Quilting Design: Curling Poinsettia #2
Quilting Design: Bohemian Leaves