Longarm Quilting at Cary Quilting Company

Linda with the machines

We proudly provide Longarm Machine Quilting services at Cary Quilting Company.  We would be honored to quilt for you!

Our Services

We utilize two APQS Millenium Quilting Machines, each with her own Intelliquilter Computerized Quilting System to create beautiful, high quality quilting designs on your quilts.

We offer edge-to-edge designs in hundreds of patterns. If we don't own the perfect quilting design for you, we will happily add it to our collection for a small fee.

Most quilting designs are priced at $0.02 per square inch. Some designs may be a little more expensive based on density or pattern, but we won't surprise you! Our minimum quilting cost is $45 per quilt. 

Other Services and Products We Offer

  • We offer several types of batting sold by the inch, and can special order as well
  • We offer a large selection of wide backing fabrics
  • Quilt trimming services are available for $0.10 per linear inch 
  • Double machine sewn binding is $0.40 per linear inch 
  • Machine sewn binding to one side only is $0.25 per linear inch 

Let's Get Quilting!

We are grateful for the opportunity to work on your quilt! There are two ways to have your quilt scheduled with us:

1 - Book an appointment using the blue button below, where you will receive one-on-one attention from one of our talented quilting staff. Together, you will answer the questions on our order form and receive any guidance you need to make the best decisions to finish your quilt. 

2 - If you feel comfortable, you may also fill out the order form at your convenience at home! If you choose this route, we do ask that you make an appointment to drop off the quilt so that our staff can review the completed form with you.


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In preparation for our services, we ask that your quilt top and backing be freshly pressed, free of loose threads, and checked for holes, tucks, or tension concerns at the seams. Our process does not require basting, so each layer should be separate and free of pins. The backing and batting must be 8" longer and wider than the pieced top.


Long Distance Orders

Complete the Order Form below and then mail your quilt top and backing to us at the shop. Remember to insure and track your package! We will confirm all details with you before beginning.

If you've asked us to ship your quilt back to you, we will charge you actual costs for shipping with insurance and tracking via FedEx. Because we care about your quilt, we won't send it back to you without insurance and tracking.


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Longarm Quilting Calendar

This is the calendar that we use to schedule your quilting services.  Please note that these quilting dates may change, based on quilting time, quilter availability, machine maintenance, and other factors.  

We will always contact you when your quilt is completed, but while your quilt is with us, this calendar may be used to check where you are on our schedule.

Our Talented Quilting Team

Linda Hunt, Award Winner Longarm Quilting Manager, has been quilting for several years.  Linda loves to quilt and enjoys exploring new quilting patterns. Linda joined the Cary Quilting team in 2018. 

Katherine Setzer, Award Winning Longarm Quilting Associate, started quilting in Heidelberg, Germany in 2006, and has been a longarmer since 2008. She loves seeing the variety of quilts that come through the shop and would love to help you finish your latest masterpieces! Katherine joined the Cary Quilting team in 2018.

Christy Baldridge, Longarm Quilting Associate, has been quilting since 2010. She enjoys supporting our quilting community by turning design visions into reality. Christy joined the Cary Quilting team in 2018. 

Tami Jordan, Longarm Quilting Associate, has been crafting and sewing since 2001. Tami loves to admire all of the creativity and talent that comes through the shop. Tami joined the Cary Quilting team in 2021.

Our APQS Millenium quilting machines are Edna and Violet, and they enjoy humming along and quilting all day long!


Why choose longarm quilting?

Longarm quilting provides a professional finish to any quilt top.  

If you’re creating a particularly large quilt, you may find it hard to work with such a large piece on your home sewing machine.

Another great reason to consider longarm quilting is time – these machines save quilting preparation time. There’s no need to baste when using a longarm service because we load all three layers onto the machine separately. If you’re short on space for basting, then you can certainly benefit from longarm quilting.

There are literally hundreds of beautiful quilting pattern options, and you're sure to find the perfect pattern for your quilt top. Stitching out these designs on your home machine would be difficult, if not impossible, to create free-hand!

Some people love piecing or appliqué, but the fun of quilting disappears when they consider finishing the project. Let us finish it for you!  In addition to quilting services, we also offer quilt trimming and binding services.

There are many advantages to choosing longarm quilting, particularly if you’re short on time. If you don’t have the confidence or patience to quilt on your home machine, allowing a professional to quilt for you may be a great option. We would love to quilt for you!

Questions?  Call us at 919-238-9739 ext. 4 or write to us: longarm@caryquilting.com