Our August 14th, 2018 Newsletter

14 August, 2018


2018 Ice Cream Stand Summary

30 July, 2018

Thank you to everyone who has participated in Avery's 8th annual Ice Cream Stand for the charity Smile Train!

This year, she has raised $636.54.  She and her mom were able to visit the Smile Train World Headquarters on a recent girls' trip to New York City, and she hand-delivered your donations.

As a child born with cleft lip and palate, Avery is especially thankful to be able to help children all over the world that were born with CLP.


July 30, 2018 Newsletter

30 July, 2018


July 17th, 2018 Newsletter

17 July, 2018

We hope you enjoy it!

Our Second Annual "Challenging Fabric Quilt Challenge"

17 July, 2018

I see tons of fabric from our fabric reps each year.  Sometimes they are gorgeous (and we order them!), and sometimes, they just need your creative spirit to bring out their beauty.

I recently found a fabric that was so ... challenging, that I felt like I just had to order it - for YOU, of course! 

And now, the second annual Cary Quilting Company Challenging Fabric Quilt Challenge is almost ready to go!  On August 1st, we will have sealed bags - all containing the same *adorable* fabric, for you to use! If you purchase one, fabric sight unseen, here is your mission:

  1. Use at least ¼ yard (half of what's in the bag) of the challenging fabric in a quilt.
  2. Complete and bring your challenge quilt to the shop by October 31, 2017. When you return with your finished quilt, you'll complete a "quilt show" submission form, so be thinking of a quilt title and your inspiration!
  3. In November, your quilt will go into an Challenging Fabric Quilt Viewer’s Choice Challenge, both online and in the shop. Then comes the voting!
  4. On November 15th, the viewer’s choice challenge voting will be over, and winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) will win gift cards to the shop ($25, $10, and $5, respectively).

If you play along, please don’t share any photos or let your friends see your challenging fabric until all of the grab bags have been sold – it’s only fair to those who might become your competitors! If you need to shop for fabrics to make your challenging fabric sing, just peek it out of your bag quietly.

This is a fun way to push yourself to do something unexpected and new - the only risk is whether you are brave enough to choose a bag and open it up! :)

Be brave and try something new.  This fabric needs you! 


This is our fabric for the 2018 challenge! 

See the 2017 winners here!


Cary Quilting in the news!

17 July, 2018

Our thanks to Cary Citizen for this article about our 2018 Row by Row Collaborative project!


July 5, 2018 newsletter

05 July, 2018

We hope you enjoy it!

(A little birdy told us that there's an amazing sale comimg up!)

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Quilt borders that don't make waves!

27 June, 2018

Wavy borders is one of the biggest challenges for our longarm quilters, and will most certainly be noticed if you ever enter a quilt into a judged competition.  Follow this wonderfully complete tutorial to see the proper way to create borders that lay flat, to beautifully frame your next quilt!

Longarm quilters, quilting judges, and you will thank you for watching and incorporating these techniques!

Your Paradise Quilt Driving Plan

21 June, 2018

Find the best way to collect your Paradise Quilt patterns!

June 20th Shop Newsletter

20 June, 2018


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