Our July 17th Newsletter

17 July, 2019

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Our July 3, 2019 Newsletter

03 July, 2019

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Our June 12, 2019 Newsletter

17 June, 2019

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Women Really Mean Business, an interview with owner Julianne Walther

17 June, 2019

Enjoy an interview with Julianne Walther, owner, for the podcast "Women Really Mean Business" by Athena International.

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Our May 24, 2019 Newsletter and Class Blast

24 May, 2019

Please enjoy our May 24th Newsletter and Class Blast!

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Presenting our 2016 Row by Row Experience projects!

16 May, 2019

We are so excited to be participating in the Row by Row Experience for our third year!  This year's theme is "Home Sweet Home", and because Julianne likes to take the road less traveled, her thoughts turned to all types of homes, even those made in trees. We also decided to offer two row patterns this year, because we just had too many fun ideas to fit into one row!  Without further ado...

Our Two Rows:  Raccoons' and Robins' Treehouse and Bear's and Bees' Clubhouse

All of these animals live in our beautiful state of North Carolina, and many enjoy our oak trees as their homes. We will also be offering a "tree middle" bundle, if you'd like to join your rows together to create one tree (we bound the edges of all of ours to show three different products):

Two Rows!?!?  What does that mean?

Per Row by Row Experience rules, each person may receive ONE free pattern per shop, for the duration of the event. If you want both patterns, you have a few options:

1.  Bring a friend in with you this summer - even a baby will do!  As long as it's another person, they can get one free pattern and you can get the other. You'll have to ask your friend to share the original pattern with you, as photocopying patterns is prohibited due to copyright law and is a huge No No!

2.  Purchase a kit for the row or both rows. Every purchased Row by Row kit includes a pattern. Row kits will be available for purchase in the shop from 6/21 - 9/6.  You may also pre-order kits for November delivery from 6/21 - 9/6.

3.  Purchase a Home in the Oaks Baby Quilt kit, which will include patterns for both rows. These will be available for sale in the shop from 6/21 - 9/6. You may also pre-order kits for November delivery from 6/21 - 9/6.

Please don't ask for a second free pattern during the summer. It puts us in the awkward position of having to say "No" to our favorite customers, in order to stay within the RxR rules.


Can I use both of your adorable rows in my Row by Row Experience quilt?

We would love for you to use them both in your quilt! In order to be eligible for prizes from shops for your finished quilt, you'll have to use rows from 8 different shops in your quilt. This means that if you use both of our rows, you'll need a minimum of 7 other rows from 7 other shops to win a stash of 25 fat quarters at any shop.  


2016 License Plates are available online and in the shop now!


Get more details on the event here, and we can't wait to share our pattern with you soon!

Row by Row Experience 2015

16 May, 2019

Our row is finished and it's so adorable!  Entitled "Bathtime", this whimsical beginner applique row pattern by our owner, Julianne Walther, takes this year's "water" theme to really fun place.  This row pattern will be available for FREE in our shop from June 21st to September 8th.  We will have row kits available for purchase during that time period as well.  Check out the Row by Row Experience website for more information on this fun summer event!
Come visit us with your favorite peeps!

Our 2017 Row by Row Experience Row!

16 May, 2019

It's here!  Our 2017 Row by Row Experience® Row is complete!

Announcing... Go To Sheep!

It's bedtime, and our little sheep are jumping the fence so your little ones can count them... except for the silly black sheep, who's skating through life!

Just like in past years, we will be offering free row patterns, and kits will be available for purchase that even include your own set of "sheepskates".  

We are in the process of designing a baby quilt which includes this row, and we will be offering baby quilt kits for sale this summer, too.

Be sure to pick up our 2017 Fabric Plate this year!

 New this year, we have collectible pins by Pin Peddler for sale!


We are also participating in Row by Row Junior this year, which is an initiative to get kids sewing!  Rover is our free pattern for junior quilters. Kids 6 - 14 can pick up a free Rover pattern during Row by Row, and anyone can purchase a Rover kit.  For fun, our Rover kits will come in a huge variety of polka dotted colors!


We still have a limited number of 2016 Row by Row kits and Fabric Plates available - get them before they are history!



We can't wait to see you this summer!  We are less than 2 miles from Interstate 40, just west of Raleigh, North Carolina.  



May 8, 2019 Newsletter

08 May, 2019


Row by Row 2019 - Our Block!

08 May, 2019

Taste the Experience
Cary Quilting Company is proud to be a participating shop for the 6th year in a row with the Row by Row Experience™. This year's theme is "Taste the Experience".  Our owner Julianne, who has designed most of our row patterns, loves to create whimsical and cute designs featuring animals, and this year is no exception!
Combining North Carolina's love of pigs with our love of quilting led to this year's adorable row....

Pigs in Blankets

2019 Row by Row Experience project: Pigs in Blankets
  • While we usually don't allow our friends and family to call quilts "blankets", we will make an exception for this cute set of snoozers! Take a nap with piglets April, Bea, Charlotte, and Daisy as they dream in their snuggly quilts, made of fabric by Kaffe Fassett.  
  • This is an appliqué block, and it's created with narrow outlines to give it a cartoon-like appearance. The outlines are also appliquéd fabric, added as a last layer. You've probably never appliquéd like this before!
  • We will be giving away free patterns and selling laser-cut kits for this adorable row, starting on June 21st, 2019.

Purchase Row by Row items here.

See our previous year's projects:
2014 - Cardinal in the Dogwood Tree (designed by Hissyfitz Designs)
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