February 21, 2018 Newsletter

21 February, 2018


PS: The Free Pattern link is wrong in a couple of places. Find the free pattern for this newsletter HERE.

Our 2/6/18 Newsletter is out!

06 February, 2018


Expansion Work Begins!

06 February, 2018

We are so exciting to be expanding our shop for you, but there is lots of work to do first!

Enjoy these extreme "before" pictures, and look for progress in the spaces SOON!

Can you picture our longarm quilting machines here? More room and dedicated space means great efficiency and turn-around time on your quilts!


Say Hello to the new huge classroom!  Enjoy more space, more lectures, more demos and exciting amounts of space to move around!


Classroom windows and a dedicated entrance - beautiful light to sew by!


This photo was taken from the 1,800 square foot classroom, looking toward the longarming area.

What has happened so far?  We have all new HVAC units in both halves of the space for comfortable and modern heating and cooling.

What happens next: Removing lots of extra plumbing from when this used to be a dentist office, which includes removing some of the concrete floors!

Free Pattern: Passport Covers

03 February, 2018

Follow these 12 easy steps to make your own passport covers.  Happy Travels!

Our 1/3/2018 Newsletter is out!

03 January, 2018

Our 1/3/18 newsletter has info about our 2018 programs, clubs, new fabrics, and more!

2017 By the Numbers

01 January, 2018

Cary Quilting Company had an amazing year!  We thought it would be fun to review our year by the numbers:


Our total collection of fabric at the end of 2017 contains 320 more bolts than our collection at the end of 2016.  That's 4,800 more yards, or 172,800 inches more fabric! All in all, we have over 35,000 yards of fabric in the shop!



We welcomed 1,144 new readers of our emailed newsletters in 2017!



With our move in May, we added 1,715 square feet to the shop space, with 1,800 more square feet to come with our expansion in 2018!



Our Inventory Manager Lori has been busy! At the end of 2017, we had 716 more items in our total shop inventory than at the end of 2016.  We now have over 4,600 different items in inventory!!



Carrie quilted 483,397 more square inches in 2017 than in 2016!  That's the equivalent of 24 king sized quilts. If that was just one quilt, it would be a 12 foot by 280 foot quilt! 



Number of online visitors to in 2017 (9,581 more than in 2016!)



17 for 2017: We love our incredible staff members! Julianne, Roberta, Kim, Laura, Lori, Carrie, Rosi, Sue, Ina, Diana, Alex, Shirley, Ellen, Linda, Sherri, Liz and Susan made 2017 great!



There's only one YOU - and you and our other great customers and friends are the most important part of all of those numbers above.  Thank you!  

Happy New Year!

PS: One more great number to come: 5!  Join us for our shop's 5th anniversary celebrations January 26 - 28, 2018!

Our 12/20/17 Newsletter: Happy Holidays!

20 December, 2017


2018 UFO Club, ready for take-off!

20 December, 2017

Join the Cary Quilting Company

2018 UFO Club

(it's free!)

Welcome to our fourth annual UFO (unfinished objects) Club!

We all have unfinished projects, started with the best of intentions ... the ones we don't talk about much ... quietly sitting in the dark corners of our sewing areas.  Wouldn't it be great to finish them up? Now you have a few great reasons!

In January, come on in and sign up to be a club member.  You should bring in any quilts that you've started and want to finish (up to 10 projects) along with your completed registration forms. As you finish phases of your projects, bring us your show-and-tell and your forms to earn points!

During January, February and March, your job is to sew, sew, sew! We are happy to help you with the quilting and binding, if you'd like!

At the end of March, whether you've finished everything you entered or not, be sure to bring your forms, and we will add up your points for the big prizes!

On April 1 (no fooling!) we will calculate your points, and announce our 2017 UFO Club winners. 

First prize wins a $50 gift certificate!

Second prize wins a $30 gift certificate!

Third prize wins a $10 gift certificate!  


But wait, there's more...

Since you will be a card-carrying member of the UFO club, you receive a

10% discount on:

Backing fabric

Binding fabric



Longarm quilting services (!!!)

Binding services

for all registered projects, good through March 31, 2016.  Even if you don't win for the most points, you win by getting a nice discount on what you intend to finish!  This is a fun way to beat the winter blues, and an easy way to start a positive New Year's Resolution, don't you think?

The Details

"Big UFOs" are 3600 square inches or larger, and "Little UFOs" are 200 - 3599 square inches. Projects are deemed UFOs if the project has been started before registration. 

Point assignment (how many points your project can earn) will be confirmed by the Cary Quilting Company staff when you register.  Point breakdowns can be found on the downloadable forms.

The maximum points available for any one project is 65 for each Big UFO, and 35 for each Little UFO. The maximum total points per quilter, per year is 650.

Only quilts qualify as UFO projects.  Bags, pillows, etc. don't count for this club, though they are lovely to create!

You can get started by downloading and completing your registration forms here

We hope you decide to play along!


Our December 4th, 2017 Newsletter

04 December, 2017

Enjoy, and don't miss the gift card sale, good through December!

Our Latest Newsletter is Out!

14 November, 2017


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