Our July 13, 2017 Newsletter

13 July, 2017


Our June 29, 2017 Newsletter

29 June, 2017


And with the light-up sign, the move is complete!

18 June, 2017

On June 6th, we finally got our light-up shop sign installed, and found a perfect evening for a photo shoot.  Thanks for all of your support, and we hope you'll come by our new shop too!

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Our June 18, 2017 Newsletter

18 June, 2017


Our June 2nd, 2017 Newsletter

02 June, 2017

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Moving Part 8: We are DONE!

31 May, 2017

For the fastest renovation and move in history, look no further than Cary Quilting Company!

We began our move on May 28th, and by 7 pm on May 30th, we were sweeping the floor, ready for our first day in the new shop!

On May 28th, a sunny 86-degree day, Julianne, her husband, three of their kids, two kids' friends, staff member Lori, and Julianne's mom worked all day long, moving all of the fabric and most of the furniture to the new place.



On May 29th, Julianne, her mom, and her husband, began putting things in their places. To mark the wall studs, we hung the slat wall using homemade "plumb lines" with thread tied to the bottoms as weights. 

On May 30th, about 8 staff members, Julianne, Justin, Julianne's mom, and (after school), two of their kids worked and worked and WORKED to get the entire shop ready for its grand reopening!

We have passed all inspections, and checked all of the boxes.

We still have a few small things to do, and we are awaiting our big outdoor lighted sign and the walls for our longarm quilting room, but we welcome your visit anytime!

Come see us today!  935 North Harrison Avenue, Cary, NC 27513.

Link to Moving, Part 7: Final Prep for Moving

Link to "And with the light-up sign, the move is complete"

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Moving, Part 7: Final Prep for Moving

26 May, 2017

This week has been full of electricians, plumbers, HVAC specialists, sign installers, glass and door contractors, painters, and cleaners. We are putting the final touches on the space before the big move begins on Sunday!

Our three HVAC units arrived on Wednesday and were installed by crane - very exciting stuff!

On Thursday, a beautiful rainbow gave us a pretty view through our windows!

The painters finished their incredibly detailed job on Thursday, and their service even included a professional cleaning on Friday!  We also got our absolutely perfect door and under-canopy signs installed on Friday by Creative Images - we couldn't be happier with them.

Saturday brings the final touches like hanging bathroom mirrors, installing the shop's wifi system, hanging the slat wall for our notions area, and whatever else comes up!  

It's almost ready... now all it needs is 2,500 bolts of fabric, everything else in the shop, and YOU!

Keep following - moving happens on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and we will be open for business in the new location on Wednesday, May 31st!

Link to Moving, Part 8: We are DONE!

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Move Along with Us!

23 May, 2017

Our moving schedule is official!

May 27: Open 10 - 5 for our last day at 226 E. Chatham Street

May 28, 29, 30: Closed

May 31: Open 10 - 5: Welcome to the shop at 935 N. Harrison Avenue!

See our newsletter blast for more info, and we will see you here or there soon!

Moving, Part 6: Work Continues

19 May, 2017

There hasn't been much to photograph this week, but we have worked with electricians, plumbers, drywallers, and more.

Our shower stalls were removed earlier in the week. We determined that they were unable to be recycled due to damage, so my 16 year old and I took them to the dump, one at a time - quite the experience! Thanks to our neighbor Ahmed at Randy's Pizza for helping to load one of them! If there's any motivation to "stay in school, kids", visiting the dump might be it!

One of our shower stalls taking its last stinky breath before being crushed

Our electrician added some outlets for us, moved a couple of light switches, gave us beautiful new lights in the bathrooms, took out an ancient intercom system, installed a new Emergency Exit sign, and removed some outdated security systems.

Our plumber cut off water to the afore-mentioned showers, as well as capping the individual lines to the showers.

Our flooring installers finished, and wow, they are gorgeous (the floors, that is)!

Now, the drywall crew and painters are doing their thing. Step one: Baseboards and quarter round. Next: Priming, repairing walls, and painting over The Red Stripe - YAY!

Look for another post in a few days.

Link to Moving, Part 7: Final Prep for Moving

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Moving, Part 5: Floors!

16 May, 2017

After a lengthy demo of the existing gray carpet flooring, stained with years of sweat and gym equipment rust (what a SMELL!), we are absolutely ecstatic about our new floors!  Allow me to recommend USA Flooring - they were professional, fast, reasonable, and the installers were amazing!

I also met with several contractors today - Terry, the plumber from Fuquay Plumbing cut water to the two showers (yes, showers) in two "shower rooms", so they are ready to be removed.

The painters plan to start on Friday, the electrician is coming to do some work tomorrow, and we will have internet this afternoon!  It's an exciting time!

We can't wait for The Red Stripe to be gone from the walls - keep checking back for our next blog post!

Link to Moving, Part 6: Work Continues

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