Piecemeal Quilters Bee Challenges from the past

Julianne's bee, the Piecemeal Quilters, takes on a challenge every now and then.  She thought it would be fun to look back at some of our previous challenges!

For the 2017 challenge, check that blog post here.

2016 Challenge photos can be found here.


In 2015, we really stretched each other with the challenge of self portrait blocks.  All techniques were represented, and the results ranged from symbolic to realistic renderings of ourselves.

From the top:  Lori Rice, Shirley Hendrix (state flag of Ohio), Tina Schwager, Kelly Hutchens, Sandy Fitzpatrick, Julianne Walther, Carol Franks, and Ann Young.

Julianne created her portrait in 8 different color ways, so each bee member got to choose their color.  Many bee members made different versions of the same block to share.


In 2014, we drew names and created bags for each other.  Tote bags, iPad bags, makeup bags, small and large purses were created!



In 2013, we drew names for each other and created a pillow.  Some were very elaborate!



We challenged each other to create our own "Inner Animal" in a 12" square or less project.

From the top:  Shirley Hendrix, Carol Franks, Julianne Walther, Sandy Fitzpatrick, Tina Schwager, Lori Rice

I'm still working on gathering photos from earlier years.  We have swapped blocks, rows, fabric, and more.  I hope this gives you and your bee some good ideas for keeping your creative juices flowing!



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