Challenging Fabric Challenge

It's time to vote in our 2023 Challenging Fabric Challenge!

CFC for 2023

Vote for as many quilts as you love, but please only vote once!


Voting closes on 11/30 at noon EST.


Not sure how to vote? Watch this video: 


Our 2022 Challenging Fabric Challenge

Here is last year's fabric:

It's Elementary

We figured that people would have a lot to "say" with it, and they did! We had 13 amazing, unique, and creative quilt entries this year.
Voting ended on 11/15/22 at noon Eastern Time.

Here are the WINNERS!

American Sign Language by Jennifer Stark Maggio won 1st place!
Crayons by Sandra Haggett won 2nd place!
Longtime Quilter, First Time Mom by Allison Barnes won 3rd place!
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 Past year's fabrics: