Our Shop Expansion is nearly complete!

08 April, 2018

We are so close!  We are hopeful that we will get our final occupancy permits within the next 2 weeks and be allowed spread into our brand new space. 

Here's what has happened since our last blog post:

Electrical outlet casings have been installed in the floor of the Meeting Center

Concrete has been re-poured

Ceiling has been finished (paint ceiling grids, install ceiling tiles)

The opening between the spaces has been cut and finished

Floor smoothing and flooring installation to match the main shop space is complete

Friday and Saturday, the painters matched our main space with all new paint

Tables have been ordered for the Meeting Center

Chairs have arrived for the Meeting Center

Fire Extinguishers have been delivered for both spaces


Here's what left to do:

New toilet to be installed in the Meeting Center restroom

New laundry tub to be installed in the back of the Meeting Center

Window treatments to be installed in the Meeting Center

Wall mounted TV for casting videos, tutorials, etc. to be installed in the Meeting Center

Wall mounted whiteboard to be installed in Meeting Center

Emergency Exit signs and emergency lights to be installed in both spaces

Floor outlets to be completed by the electrician

A few more electrical tasks (counter height outlets for ironing stations, etc.) to be completed by the electrician

Meeting Center tables to be delivered and assembled

Final occupancy permits come last!


Now for the pictures!

Connecting the spaces!


Longarm Quilting room.  Backing fabric and batting will also be moved to this space.


Looking back to the main shop space


To see the prior post and photos of this process click here.

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