Expansion Work Begins!

We are so exciting to be expanding our shop for you, but there is lots of work to do first!

Enjoy these extreme "before" pictures, and look for progress in the spaces SOON!

Can you picture our longarm quilting machines here? More room and dedicated space means great efficiency and turn-around time on your quilts!


Say Hello to the new huge classroom!  Enjoy more space, more lectures, more demos and exciting amounts of space to move around!


Classroom windows and a dedicated entrance - beautiful light to sew by!


This photo was taken from the 900 square foot classroom, looking toward the longarming area.

What has happened so far?  We have all new HVAC units in both halves of the space for comfortable and efficient heating and cooling.

What happens next: Removing lots of extra plumbing from when this used to be a dentist office, which includes removing some of the concrete floors!

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