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Announcing our 2017 UFO Club Winners!

02 April, 2019

Quilts upon quilts have been finished.

We've been showed and told a-plenty.

It's time for this year's UFO Club winners!

In third place, with 200 points, this busy quilter finished seven quilts in three months. In addition to a full time job and a t-shirt quilt business, she still finds time to sew for fun! Our favorite UFO quilt of hers is a herringbone patterned quilt for a friend. She's won a $10 gift card!

Congrats to

Amanda Rubright!






In second place, with 400 points, this prolific quilter quilted and finished nine unfinished quilts during the UFO Club. One of her quilts was started 12 years ago and finally got its binding and label this year!  She has won a $30 gift card!

Congrats to Jane Smith!



In first place, with an impressive 485 points, this quilter works a "day job" and then sews at night - apparently, she must not need sleep.  She finished all ten quilts that she entered, and we can attest that she does beautiful work! She has earned a $50 gift card for her "night job" :).

Here's one of our recent favorites from her:

Please join us in congratulating Bonnie McAdams!

Look for our 2018 UFO Club this December, and be sure to start lots of projects this year!

- Julianne and staff

Announcing our 2018 UFO Club Winners!

03 April, 2018

With 84 quilts completed and over 3000 combined points earned, our 2018 UFO Club has come to a close.

It is time to announce the winners!  Drum roll, please! 

Third place, with an impressive 380 points and 10 completed projects!
Congratulations to Cyndi Schmidt!  She has won a $10 gift card!

Second place, with an amazing 465 points and 10 completed projects!  Congratulations to Anna Shearer!  She has won a $30 gift card!

Winning first place, surpassing second place by 15 points with a total 480 points and 10 completed projects!  Congratulations to Bonnie McAdams as she retains her title from last year!  She has won a $50 gift card!

Thank you to all the quilters who participated this year!  Keep your eyes on the sky for the UFO Club 2019 announcement this December!  Happy quilting!

Announcing the 2015 UFO Club Winners!

01 April, 2015

No Fooling, the Cary Quilting UFO Club has come to an end.  In total, we had 163 registered UFO projects under 32 quilters.  These ladies worked hard - really hard!  In total 2,300 points were earned (which means that 230 major steps were taken towards finishing those 163 quilts!).  65 quilts were totally completed.  We loved seeing them, and we know you loved getting them d-o-n-e!  

It was a frantic finish, with binding being sewn on in the Cary Quilting parking lot yesterday evening!  Quilts were being brought in right up to our 7 pm closing.  The quilts have been admired, the boxes have been checked, the points have been tallied, and the winners are....

  • She completed 5 UFOs (three from the "blocks" stage!) ... in third place, for a $10 Cary Quilting gift card, with a total of 200 points, congrats to DJ Gass!
  • She added the quilting and binding to 7 projects and also finished another 2 from earlier stages ... in second place, for a $30 Cary Quilting gift card, with a total of 210 points (just edging out DJ), congrats to Cheryl Porter!
  • This prolific quilter took down the competition with a total of 300 points.  She worked on a total of 10 projects, completing 8 of them - some from the very beginning stages!  If her hands still work at all, we hope she'll come by soon to grab her $50 Cary Quilting gift card.  Congrats to our 2015 UFO Club winner, Grace Lents!
Thanks to everyone who played along, and we hope the club gave you the motivation (and the good deals) you needed to "take care of business" and get those quilts back into production.  Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations with us! We will plan another UFO club for 2016 - if you want details, here is what we did this year.  We think it's time to start a new project now!