Our 2022 UnFinished Objects (UFO) Club winners!

Our 2022 UFO Club was truly out of this world! Lots of quilts were finished!

We had a record 284 projects entered this year by 60 quilters.

A total of 29 quilters sent photos to earn points (but we are willing to bet that some people quilted without sending pictures!)

Over 250 emails were exchanged with photos of quilt progress!

3,190 points were earned! That's the equivalent of 91 small quilts entirely completed or 53 large quilts entirely completed!

The last quilt picture to earn points was sent just an hour and 36 minutes before the deadline.

It is time to announce the winners!  Drum roll, please! 

Third place goes to Angela Van Epps! Angela entered 10 projects and finished all ten! She was the last to send in photos for points. Angela earned a $50 CQC gift card with her UFO work!

Second place goes to Renae Crosby! Renee also registered 10 projects. Renee was actually the first quilter with points earned. She also won 3rd place last year, so 2023's participants should watch out for Renae! Renae earned a $75 CQC gift card! Yay!

The winner for this year, with 10 projects registered is Renee Laserna! Eight of her ten projects were large UFOs, which helped her rack up those points. Renee earned a $100 CQC gift card! Congrats!

Thank you to all the quilters who participated this year.  Everyone who participated was a winner - getting further along on their projects and getting deals at the shop too!

Keep your eyes on the sky for the UFO Club 2023 announcement this December! 

Happy quilting!

(Want to know more about our UFO Club? Click here to learn about the 2022 club)


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