Cary Quilting Company's 2022 UFO Club

UFO Club

Welcome to our 8th annual UFO (UnFinished Objects) Club! 

We all have unfinished quilt projects, started with the best of intentions.

Wouldn't it be great to finish them up this year?

Anyone who has quilt projects in need of finishing
Our FREE club that gives you a 10% discount on everything needed to finish up to ten unfinished quilts. The three quilters with the most points earned for finishing projects also win one of three Cary Quilting gift cards valued at $100, $75, or $50!
January 1st through March 31st
You can be a club member from anywhere! Every club member will recieve their own online discount code to purchase items for completing registered projects, and local club members can get a membership card for in-shop discounts.
Because we want to motivate you finish up your unfinished projects!

How it works:

1. Register your projects
During the month of January, register up to ten unfinished projects online. You'll need a free Google account to join the club, as you'll be asked to upload photos of your UFOs on the Google-based registration form.

Click HERE to register your projects. 

2. Sew and Quilt!
From the time you register through March 31st, your job is to sew and quilt! You earn points along the way for each step of the project that you complete, from sewing blocks together to adding the all-important label to your quilt.
We would be honored to assist you with the quilting and bindingYou will earn the points and enjoy the discounts for quilting and binding with our longarm team, even if it's not completed by the end of March, if you've submitted a registered quilt to the CQC longarm team by March 31st.

3. Show us your progress

Send photos of your progress anytime to

At the end of March, whether you've finished everything you entered or not, be sure to send photos showing your progress, and Julianne will tally your points for the big prizes!

You may also show and tell in the shop: just ask a shop staff member to take photos of your progress and send them to Julianne with your name so you get your credit.

Click HERE to send progress photos.

4. Watch the Scoreboard (optional)

Scores will be posted here and updated weekly.

Find your line by your initials and last two numbers of your phone number. For example, Jane Doe at 919-555-1212 would be JD12

Final Results

RL01 385
RC97 370
AV69 300

Find our Winners Blog post HERE

Initials, A to Z

Points earned
AM17 130
AS25 30
AV69 300
BB52 35
BK30 0
BM94 0
BP91 0
BSP48 100
BW38 55
CB84 250
CB89 0
CP93 15
DM70 125
DP86 105
DW14 35
EB96 0
GL55 0
GM65 0
HL45 10
JB51 0
JF61 0
JG56 0
JK52 0
JK66 0
JS55 195
JS90 30
JW79 0
JW92 0
KJ27 0
KK42 40
KR10 0
KS37 0
KS91 80
LA09 0
LB13 45
LD82 0
LR92 0
MC08 40
MC36 0
MH22 0
MK43 0
MLP53 150
MM02 0
MM16 70
MJ90 0
PC91 220
PF11 0
PM13 0
RC97 370
RL01 385
RT17 155
SC98 0
SH93 0
SM53 80
SS92 0
ST10 20


TC92 0
TH67 10
WA29 40


5. Win!

On April 1, we will calculate all of the points and announce our UFO Club winners on our 4/4 daily video, as well as posting them here.

Find our videos HERE.

First prize wins a $100 shop gift certificate!
Second prize wins a $75 shop gift certificate!
Third prize wins a $50 shop gift certificate!  
Everyone enjoys a 10% discount on:


The Details

  • "Big UFOs" are 3600 square inches or larger, and "Little UFOs" are 200 - 3599 square inches.
  • Projects are considered UFOs if the project was started before registration, which is January 1 - 31. "Started" means that the first cuts into the fabric have been made. Untouched kits in the closet don't count! ;). You may have a quilt that just needs binding and a label, or even just a label - and those count too!
  • Each person is limited to 10 registered UFOs per year.
  • Only quilts qualify as UFO projects.  Bags, pillows, rugs, etc. don't count for this club, though they are lovely to create and (more importantly) to finish!
  • Your discounts are only to be used for items needed to complete registered projects from Jan 1 - March 31 of the current year. If we find that you're abusing your discount, you sadly won't be allowed to participate in the club again and your online discount code will be revoked.
  • Any questions? Call Julianne at the shop: 919-238-9739 ext. 5
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