Jeana Grace Bowker - Bio

Jeana Grace Bowker

Jeana Grace Bowker

Hi, I am Jeana Grace!
I have loved art ever since I was a child, but over the past decade, I have developed a deep passion for design, sewing, and entrepreneurship. When I was about 11 years old, my grandfather’s interest in sewing sparked my own. He fostered my interest by teaching me how to sew and taking me to quilting classes in my hometown. From there I taught myself to sew clothing and fell in love with the art even more!

I started my own business several years ago where I sewed and sold home decorations at vendor fairs in my hometown of Clinton, NC. Recently, I have shifted the focus of my brand to apparel design and am working on building my portfolio and strengthening brand awareness through various social media platforms while still in school. My brand is known as ‘Zig’ or ‘Zig Designs.’ “Zig” has been my nickname ever since I was a baby!

Currently, I am a senior studying Fashion and Textile Design with a concentration in fashion at NCSU. I am very excited to share my passion with all of you at Cary Quilting Company!

Fun fact: Ro Ro is my two year old puppy that loves to sit on my ironing board to
watch me sew!

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