I Love North Carolina Pillow and Applique Patterns


Pillow and applique patterns come in 4 sizes, and are fully sized in this pattern – no copying or enlarging is needed!

Applique patterns for a heart (to put on your hometown) and the letters for “home” are also included.


Which one?

Pillow Size

Fabric needed

Big ‘Un

15” x 35”

1 yard

Good Sized

9” x 20”

1/3 yard

Lil ‘Un

5” x 10”

6” x 20” scrap

Itty Bitty

3” x 7”

4” x 16” scrap


  • Create a pillow with your street address on it
  • Make a housewarming gift for a new neighbor
  • Share a unique Christmas ornament
  • Sew your own state doorknob hanger
  • Send your college kid a personalized NC pillow
  • Applique on tote bags, clothing, quilts, and more!