Succulents - Aerial View in Grey - 40237-6

Succulents - Aerial View in Grey - 40237-6

$7.56 per yard $11.16 per yard

Available: 4 yards

Succulents is the first collection for Windham Fabrics by Heather Givans, owner of the shop Crimson Tate. As a shop-owner, Heather has her finger on the pulse of modern trends and this collection is a show-stopper! Featuring artwork of succulent plants along with a text about “How to Care for Succulents”, this collection is a fabulous contemporary conversational. As well, the small patterns and colors can be cut up to fulfill your most outlandish patchwork dreams. The border pattern is perfectly suited for apparel.

Aerial View in Grey - 40237-6

"Overhead" view of the succulent plants on a gray background.