" 2018 Challenging" Fabric

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Join our second annual "Challenging" Fabric Challenge: 

On August 1st, we will have sealed bags - all containing the same *adorable* fabric, for you to use! If you purchase one, fabric sight unseen, here is your mission:

  1. Use at least ¼ yard (half of what's in the bag) of the challenging fabric in a quilt.
  2. Complete and bring your challenge quilt to the shop by October 31, 2017. When you return with your finished quilt, you'll complete a "quilt show" submission form, so be thinking of a quilt title and your inspiration!
  3. In November, your quilt will go into an Challenging Fabric Quilt Viewer’s Choice Challenge, both online and in the shop. Then comes the voting!
  4. On November 15th, the viewer’s choice challenge voting will be over, and winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) will win gift cards to the shop ($25, $10, and $5, respectively).

If you play along, please don’t share any photos or let your friends see your challenging fabric until all of the grab bags have been sold – it’s only fair to those who might become your competitors! If you need to shop for fabrics to make your challenging fabric sing, just peek it out of your bag quietly.

This is a fun way to push yourself to do something unexpected and new - the only risk is whether you are brave enough to choose a bag and open it up! :)

Be brave and try something new.  This fabric needs you!