Rosi Hanley - Bio

Rosi Hanley

Rosi Hanley, instructorRosi Hanley has been quilting since 1996, after she moved to the United States from Ireland.  She joined a local quilting group and was soon designing her own quilts.  In 2015, Rosi was asked by Cary Quilting Company to develop and run a mystery quilt program for the shop.  “I’m Seeing Stars” was the first mystery quilt program at Cary Quilting.  Rosi’s mystery quilt programs attract participants from around the world.

Rosi is an award winning quilter who has developed a series of patterns which are all available at Cary Quilting for purchase or for download.

Rosi teaches several classes at Cary Quilting – Machine Appliqué, Paper Piecing, both for beginners, and the T-Shirt Quilt Class, Perfect ¼” Seams, and the Advanced Beginner’s Class, for quilter’s seeking to develop and refine their skills.

See Rosi's current class offerings here.