Christine Hager-Braun - Bio

Christine Hager-Braun

Christine Hager-Braun was born and raised in Germany. After receiving a M.S. in Biology and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, she and her husband moved to North Carolina to continue their research interests. Although Christine had learned knitting, crocheting, sewing garments, and various styles of embroidery, she had not been exposed to quilting until her move to the US in 1999. Of course, Christine was immediately fascinated by quilts, initially creating art quilts as a hobby but later starting a career as a professional studio fiber artist. Christine shares her love for quilting and art quilting by teaching an array of classes for quilt guilds and, since 2013, at Cary Quilting Company.

Christine creates one-of-a-kind art quilts which are exhibited in regional, national and international art quilt and fine art exhibitions. She won awards in a variety of exhibitions and is the two-time recipient of the Grant for Emerging Artist presented by the Durham Arts Council (Durham, NC). Her work can be found not only in national private collections but also in collections in England, Spain, and Germany. In addition, Christine was commissioned to create custom-designed torah covers and parochets for a local synagogue as well as several art quilts for two hospitals of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

In her current art work, Christine focuses on the power of art in the context of mindful living. Her abstract landscapes aim to give the viewer a visual place to pause, reflect on life and find inner peace. In her completely abstract work, Christine explores other aspects of healing such as hope, balance and interactions. Her work purposefully encourages stillness to counteract the fast pace of our daily lives.

Christine’s intention as artist is to celebrate life and facilitate well-being through her art.

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