Emma Jane Powell - Bio

Emma Jane Powell

Emma PowellEmma (or you can call her by her southern double name, Emma Jane) has been sewing her whole life, beginning with cross stitch and simple sewing projects in childhood. Her passion for quilting began as a therapeutic way to deal with an unexpected breakup in college. Quilting helped distract her and bring her back to life. She continues a family legacy of quilting, with childhood memories of her late grandmother and her friends hand quilting around the old quilt frame in her sunroom.

From this Emma maintains a love of antique quilt designs, and an appreciation for stustainable quilting, vintage fabrics and using what you have on hand - clothing and other upcycled textiles to reduce textile waste. Though she can't help being drawn to the beautiful new fabrics found at Cary Quilting!

She is over the moon to be teaching at Cary Quilting. Born and raised in North Carolina, she taught public school ESL for 10 years before becoming a mother in her 40s, as well as a stepmother to two teenage girls. She lives in Apex on a small farm with chickens, turkeys and goats - oh my!

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