Deena Bailarina - Bio

Deena Bailarina

Deena began her sewing journey in Junior High “Home Economics” class. Never before had the teacher seen such a disaster. Luckily, Deena instinctively understood that a sweatshirt (knit fabric!!) was perhaps not the most appropriate introduction to sewing, and she didn’t give up there. Her first sewing machine was an old Singer (not cool vintage, just 80’s old) that she got from her High School Driver’s Ed instructor in exchange for babysitting. She then learned the basics from a Singer sewing book that she checked out of the library for months at a time and proceeded to make several patchwork projects to wear on Phish tour in the 90’s.

Fast forward far more than a decade and we find Deena and her shiny new PhD moving back to the USA in 2012 after almost a decade abroad and soon followed by her container-shipped collection of fabric, primarily from Africa and the Netherlands. What to do with all this fabric? Having never installed a zipper or used interfacing, let alone made a single bag in her life, Deena logically decided to start making gig bags (protective bags for musical instruments). This led to a successful niche business (DBMM: More Than A Pretty Case) designing and making gig bags (and, later, more general use bags) out of genuine Vlisco Dutch wax fabrics. After about 5 years and a lot of fun interaction in bagmaking Facebook groups, Deena decided to turn her attention to teaching the design and bagmaking techniques she had learned over the years and “DB Maker” was born.

Deena loves combining her love of bag designing and making with her love of teaching! Rather than simply teaching “cut this, do that”, Deena really tries to teach her students the “why” as well as the nuts and bolts of “how” so that her students leave a class knowing not just how to make one specific type/size/style of bag, but how to explore different options, whether that be different sizes of the same style or different kinds of straps and handles and why you might want one vs. another. Be ready for your brain as well as your sewing machine to get a workout in Deena’s classes!

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