Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 Policy Updates

Effective 8/26/21

Mask Policy

For All Individuals

Because of the increase in the Delta variant of COVID-19 cases in Wake County, and in accordance with the Town of Cary mandate, all people are required to wear a mask indoors while shopping or taking classes with us.

Staff members will remain masked at all times in the shop.

When Renting our Meeting Center

In accordance with the Town of Cary mandate, all people are required to wear a mask indoors while socializing or taking classes with us.


The use of hand sanitizer is optional, and sanitizer is available.

We have free disposable masks available.

We very much look forward to getting back to "normal" and appreciate your kindness and cooperation along the way.

As always, you are welcome to order online, order by phone, or order for curbside delivery if you do not want to come into our shop.

Please feel free to send questions or feedback directly to or call Julianne at 919-238-9739 x 5. 



Guidance for Cary Quilting Company Employees

1. If a staff member has been in direct contact with a COVID-19 positive person, the staff member must remain away from the shop for 10 days and have a negative result on a COVID test to return.

2. If a staff member is a close contact of someone who has been in contact with someone who has tested positive, they may not return to work during regular shop hours for 4 days, assuming a negative test performed three or more days after the original date of contact for the staff member via the close contact.

    Examples of a reason that a staff member would need to stop working:

  • A student in one of your child's classes tests positive, because the child lives with you and was in class with that student for more than an hour.
  • A co-worker of a household family member of yours who shared a 4-hour shift with him tested positive, because he spent time in close quarters with the positive co-worker.

    Examples that would not require a staff member to miss shifts:

  • A co-worker of your close contact tests positive, but works on a different day with a different set of employees.
  • A student at your child's high school tests positive, but was not in a class with your child and is not familiar to your child.
  • A COVID positive friend of your mom's ate lunch with her, but your mom doesn't live with you and you're not going to interact with her once you know this information.

No quilt shop job is worth the dangers of contracting COVID-19, and we want our shop policy to reflect this, as we work to keep everyone as safe as possible.