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New Art Quilts by Patchwork Memories

17 November, 2016

Cary Quilting Company owner Julianne Walther creates art quilts under the business name Patchwork Memories.  Her most recent creations came from an adorable photo of a little girl who had fallen asleep while a relative was playing the piano.


        Julianne cropped the photo and then began working.

She decided to use just three fabrics per quilt, to force a more abstract quilt, which she hoped would give the subject a dreamy quality.  She made the first quilt in purples, and then made a second quilt in corals.  Each quilt is only 15" square.

The dots on the piano keys are about the same size as the head of a pin! 
The quilting enhances the theme of these quilts.


As arranged with the client, one quilt will be sent to them in Indiana, and one will stay in Julianne's collection.  

We hope you enjoy "Lullaby'n C".


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