Moving Part 8: We are DONE!

31 May, 2017

For the fastest renovation and move in history, look no further than Cary Quilting Company!

We began our move on May 28th, and by 7 pm on May 30th, we were sweeping the floor, ready for our first day in the new shop!

On May 28th, a sunny 86-degree day, Julianne, her husband, three of their kids, two kids' friends, staff member Lori, and Julianne's mom worked all day long, moving all of the fabric and most of the furniture to the new place.



On May 29th, Julianne, her mom, and her husband, began putting things in their places. To mark the wall studs, we hung the slat wall using homemade "plumb lines" with thread tied to the bottoms as weights. 

On May 30th, about 8 staff members, Julianne, Justin, Julianne's mom, and (after school), two of their kids worked and worked and WORKED to get the entire shop ready for its grand reopening!

We have passed all inspections, and checked all of the boxes.

We still have a few small things to do, and we are awaiting our big outdoor lighted sign and the walls for our longarm quilting room, but we welcome your visit anytime!

Come see us today!  935 North Harrison Avenue, Cary, NC 27513.

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