Moving, Part 6: Work Continues

19 May, 2017

There hasn't been much to photograph this week, but we have worked with electricians, plumbers, drywallers, and more.

Our shower stalls were removed earlier in the week. We determined that they were unable to be recycled due to damage, so my 16 year old and I took them to the dump, one at a time - quite the experience! Thanks to our neighbor Ahmed at Randy's Pizza for helping to load one of them! If there's any motivation to "stay in school, kids", visiting the dump might be it!

One of our shower stalls taking its last stinky breath before being crushed

Our electrician added some outlets for us, moved a couple of light switches, gave us beautiful new lights in the bathrooms, took out an ancient intercom system, installed a new Emergency Exit sign, and removed some outdated security systems.

Our plumber cut off water to the afore-mentioned showers, as well as capping the individual lines to the showers.

Our flooring installers finished, and wow, they are gorgeous (the floors, that is)!

Now, the drywall crew and painters are doing their thing. Step one: Baseboards and quarter round. Next: Priming, repairing walls, and painting over The Red Stripe - YAY!

Look for another post in a few days.

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