Row by Row Experience® 2023

Row by Row Experience® 2023
We are proud to be participating in the Row by Row Experience® for 2023.
This year's theme is Summertime, and do we have a party of a row for you!
Event dates are June 1st - August 31st. 
Learn more here.
This year's row pattern for Cary Quilting Co: Hippo Party

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Tips and Tricks

Preparing your pattern

Cut away the right edges of template pages 1-4 (beyond the cut marks) and then use scotch tape to attach the pages to each other at the cut marks.

Tracing the appliqué shapes

Trace the long water piece first, as it will need to be angled diagonally to fit on 1 yard of Heat 'n Bond (the water piece is 36 1/2" long).

Trace all of the pieces that will be fused to the same fabrics close together. These are all of the black pieces in the row. I traced them near each other so I can transfer them to one piece of black fabric and then cut them apart.


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    Sandra guild: May 25, 2023

    Please let me know the cost of this row by row and how to order it. Thank you

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