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29 November, 2016

You may be interested in Rosi's Mystery Quilt programs, but you're not sure exactly what it's all about.  This blog post is for you!

1.  What is a Mystery Quilt?

With most quilting projects that you've tackled, you probably chose a pattern, then picked fabrics, then created the quilt.  Maybe you fell in love with fabric first, then found a pattern to create with those fabrics.

In a Mystery Quilt, you choose fabrics and start!  Rosi will give you directions, one month at a time, but you won't know what the quilt looks like until the very last set of directions!  You'll be told the finished size, and you'll know the technique (pieced, paper pieced, appliqué). You'll be able to choose fabrics that you love, within the guidelines of your mystery quilt.

2.  Why should I sign up for a Mystery Quilt?

It's really exciting!  You may be introduced to new techniques, you'll push yourself to create your quilt "in the dark", and you'll make lots of like-minded friends along the way!  It's fun to get out of the "comfort zone" of creating a predictable quilt from a pattern you can see, and many of our current and former Mystery Quilters have been amazingly surprised at the beauties they created unintentionally! Many of our 2015 Mystery Quilters chose to join Rosi for a new mystery again in 2016, which is the best compliment we could expect!

3.  Do I have to attend meetings?

Nope!  While we enjoy meeting once a month, the mystery quilt groups each have their own private Facebook groups.  All instructions are posted there, Show and Tell from the shop meetings are photographed and shared there, and you can also ask questions or cheer each other on via the Facebook group.  You don't even have to live nearby to play along! If you can only attend a few meetings, we would suggest the first one (fabric choice), one during the middle, and of course, the final Show and Tell meeting!

4.  What if I need some help with my appliqué or paper piecing technique?

Rosi is offering a beginning appliqué class on January 28th.

Rosi is also offering a beginning paper piecing class on January 28th.

5.  Tell me about the next round of Mystery Quilts.

Rosi is offering 4 different mystery quilt programs in 2017.  Two groups will be making mini-quilts, one group will be making pieced quilts, and the other will be making appliqué quilts. The first meetings for each of these groups are in January.  

Each program costs $70 ($50 for "A Few Minis") for the entire years' worth of meetings, the quilt patterns, and guidance along the way.

This would be a wonderful thing to add to your holiday wish list, or to give a gift to yourself!  

6.  OK, I'm brave and I'm ready!  How do I sign up?

You can find all of the options here, and you can sign up online right now!  Grab a friend to enjoy the mystery with you, to make the experience even more fun!

7. Our Show and Tell!

Just for fun, look at some of the amazing Mystery Quilts that Rosi has designed for us at Cary Quilting Company, completed by our 2015 and 2016 Mystery Quilters!


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