Creating our Row by Row pattern

27 June, 2015

The Row by Row Experience runs from June 21, 2015 through September 8, 2015.  Our row pattern is available in our shop for free!  If you've picked one up, you might find this photo tutorial helpful as you create your row.  

1.  Trace your patterns:  trace all patterns to the smooth side of your fusible product.  We like Heat n' Bond Light.


* Ut oh! An industrious quilter has found an error in the first version of our Row by Row pattern. The baby elephant shape has not been reversed for you. If you'll kindly hold your pattern page up to a sunny window, trace the baby elephant shape on the back of that page, and use that side for your pattern, they will be facing mama and will look a little more like our row! Sorry for the mistake...

If your pattern says Version 2 at the top, you should be good to go!  You may want to reverse one of the birds, depending on which way you want them to be facing.


2.  Next, carefully cut out your pattern pleces, just beyond your drawn lines and fuse them to the wrong sides of the appropriate fabrics.  We used gray for the elephants, gray dots for their ears, red and orange for the birds, and blue, purple, teal, and green for the water drops.

3.  Cut out the pattern pieces on the drawn lines, slowly pull off the paper, and place them on your background fabric.  We used Bubbles in White.  When you are happy with the placement, iron as directed by the fusible product.

4.  Sew down the edges of all of your applique pieces.  We used a blanket stitch, but a zig zag, satin stitch, or even straight stitch would work just as well.  This photo is from the wrong side of the row, so you can see the stitching.

5.  Once your quilt is complete, quilt as desired.  Our row was quilted on our longarm quilting machine with a design called Drip by Willow Leaf Studio.


7.  Using dark gray embroidery floss, hand-stitch elephant eyes, bird eyes, bird legs, and elephant tails.  We braided 3 pieces of floss for the elephant tails and then knotted and frayed the ends.


8.  Bind as desired, and enjoy!  We used a print called "Rain Basic in White" for our backing and binding.


Other row ideas:

Use a row at the top and bottom of a collection of simple quilt blocks to create a cute baby quilt.
Use the row to create covers for crib bumpers.
The row could be a border at the bottom of a shower curtain.
Embellish solid beach towels with the appliques from the row.
Use the row pattern pieces to decorate a pillow case.
Make your own "family" by adding bows for your girls and using the right number of little ones.
Add an elephant to a handbag for some fun.
The possibilities are limitless!  Have FUN!


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