Moda's Piece and Comfort Challenge Winner!

19 April, 2015

The votes have been cast and counted!  

We had 5 amazing quilts in competition for our shop's Viewer's Choice Award. The quilt in the lead went back and forth with online voting all evening, and the votes were counted at midnight.  We've added up nearly 700 votes received via Instagram, Facebook, and in-shop ballots to determine our shop's winner.  Here's how they all stacked up at midnight last night:

On Instagram:

Marking Time : 24 votes

Thanks, Star!: 19 votes

Freedom Isn't Free: 18 votes

Layers of Love: 11 votes

More Valued than Diamonds: 9 votes


On Facebook:

Marking Time: 211 votes

Freedom Isn't Free: 182 votes

Thanks, Star!:  89 votes

More Valued than Diamonds: 23 votes

Layers of Love: 11 votes


In the shop (paper ballots):

Freedom Isn't Free: 53 votes

More Valued than Diamonds: 16 votes

Marking Time: 11 votes

Layers of Love: 9 votes

Thanks, Star!: 4 votes


Introducing Cary Quilting Company's winning quilt,

with a total of 253 votes:

Freedom Isn't Free


What's next for this winning quilt?  We will professionally photograph it this week for submission into the National competition.  On April 30th, each participating shop's winning quilt will be published on The Cutting Table, Moda Fabric's blog, where voting will begin anew.  On May 8th, the National winners will be announced!

Please vote for this special quilt, beginning on April 30th!

Congrats to Amanda Rubright, Julie Demont, Kathy Wells, Brenda Dail, Ro Thompson,
Penny Booth, and Carolyn Blagg, who worked together to create this amazing quilt!


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